Evelyn has survived over twenty years as a working mother and has the stories to prove it. Now that her youngest is eighteen, she figures Child Protective Services won’t hunt her down as she shares the reality about the exploits of her two sons. She blogs at when she is not teaching hot yoga to burn off the crazy. She exited a twenty-five year professional career in December 2016 to write and teach yoga full time. She shares her sarcastic view of life on Twitter under SmrtCPA, but you would be well advised not to ask her for help with your taxes. She shares her almost-empty Cypress, Texas nest with her husband Chris and canine-furr-babies. She has had her writing syndicated by BLUNTmoms, UncleNomics and Sweatpants & Coffee.

Slightly Airbrushed Me and my spouse

A Personal Note from Evelyn Aucoin aka “Smrtcpa”:

In general there is nothing funny about accountants, but I am the exception. With a passion and unbridled enthusiasm to help parents find the humor in daily situations, enabling them to stress less, live in the moment more and spread the humor along.

I have a deep belief that we all want to default to happy – but we need the catalyst to reset our minds to that state over and over as life, lists, offspring, work (inside / outside the domestic front), idiots in traffic and people in our inner circle move us to less that optimistic mental places.

I want to fill your mind with references to humor that will help map you back to that spot with better perspective, a more relaxed view of life, and just make each day a little better.

One thought on “About

  1. I don’t believe I have ever read a “blog” until this one. Thank you for introducing me to your blog.

    You are SO relatable! Your dead-pan humor is funny, in part, because you are so very relatable, and, in part, because you have the gift of comedic timing. I thoroughly enjoyed my first read of your blog, the one on group projects; it won’t be my last.

    I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance at Professional Women’s Group this past Saturday. What an interestingly textured person you are and candid in every respect. As a speaker, you entertain, educate, and enlighten in a most enjoyable way. Thank you for the generous donation of your time and for the personal gifts you presented.

    Sylvia Wetuski


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