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Meet Evelyn Aucoin, superstar career woman, professional speaker and advisor, and your new best girlfriend!  “Worn Out Women” blogger Evelyn speaks on topics as diverse as motherhood, healthy living, faith, and her yoga practice with war veterans. A genteel Southern version of the comedienne Chelsea Handler, Evelyn’s distinct and utterly hilarious voice will resonate with career women, tired moms in the trenches, and ladies everywhere who need some life balancing advice and a gut-busting laugh!
-Heath Hardage Lee, Award winning author of Winnie Davis:  Daughter of the Lost Cause
90 Minute Workshop: “Building the Vision for Your Future”
Participants create and illustrate elements of the vision for their future and create a journal with the goals and next steps to help them move forward. Our workshop includes the proprietary “Snapshot to Your Goals” methodology that is a game changer on how individuals can move their life forward. Personalized attention, brainstorming on challenges, illustrative stories that help participants learn the process quickly – from visual, audible and tactile participation – ensuring the steps and actions that are part of this system are learned efficiently and can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle and age level.

Recent Feedback from Workshop Donated to Dress for Success Houston:

“This has changed my life”

“You have just done what twenty years of therapy did not do”

“You are coming back every year, right?”

Contact me at smrtcpa@gmail.com to schedule a workshop for your company or group!

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Other Presentations / Speaking Topics Include:

Healthy Living / Wellness – Started practicing yoga in 1998 after herniating two disks in my back – completely avoided surgery, started juicing in 2014 and have multiple areas of improved health as a result. Enthusiastic newbie to meditation.

Life Balance – as a successful business person, and working mom for 18+ years, I have struggled, failed, improved, failed again, and now getting better. I have garnered some sound practical advice on how to handle the day to day plus the crisis that life will often drop in your lap.

Mom of Boys – I prayed for active inquisitive children, and God said you got it! What an adventure it has been. I have handled situations including a child with a “label”.

Faith and Finding your own Spiritual Path – I believe everyone’s spiritual experience is as unique as their thumb print, but all religious individuals who focus on love and not hate need to embrace our similarities across religious lines and stand up for those without a voice. I am particularly concerned about human trafficking that is happening right under our noses. It has to stop.

Rescue of Pets / Adopting – Experienced volunteer as a Foster and Trainer with a local rescue league. Training and fostering advice. Introducing a new pet to your household.

Contact me at smrtcpa@gmail.com to learn more!

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