Congrats! You Have Been Upgraded to Uncle

There is a phenomenon in my family, and I'm not sure if it's only a southern thing, but friends who are in the inner circle (i.e. they have seen you in your pajamas) get promoted to relative status, and are renamed in due course. I was 13 before I determined that all these other girls that called my namesake … Continue reading Congrats! You Have Been Upgraded to Uncle

Confessions Over Coffee

Soaking up the quiet of Saturday morning on my patio, I enjoy my coffee in the stillness before being productive becomes my focus.  I look up and see my eldest son standing beside me. Somehow I spawned a ninja, because I did not hear him come out the back door. I am looking at an … Continue reading Confessions Over Coffee

Colossal Emergency “Need to Pee” Parenting Fail

All the recent talk about cars due to the accident drama (  and  ) has reminded our family of another infamous car moment. We live outside of Houston, Texas and as dedicated Former Students, we had season tickets to Texas A&M Football for about nine years. We made this quality family time - or at … Continue reading Colossal Emergency “Need to Pee” Parenting Fail

Have Toenail, Will Travel

So thanks to my recent fender bender I have been driving my precious children's vehicle for the last several week. Have you ever had the joy of riding in a car that is basically a driving recreation room for two teenage boys? My youngest drives it to and from school and activities, and with my eldest … Continue reading Have Toenail, Will Travel